On the first day of stand-down (AKA school holidays), I went into school. Yes, I went to school on my first day of holidays. I wasn't the only one! I went in to re-arrange my classroom.

We are in the midst of a cold Winter here in Canberra. It's freezing! (The other day when all the Year 2s were out skipping to practise for Jump Rope for Heart it was 3 degrees centigrade. 3 degrees!)

My classroom has an external door that we go in and out of all day long. It opens several times through the day, and the gusts of frigid wind that blow through my classroom are enough to make an Inuit shiver.

To make matters worse, it opens at my floor space, where my Smartboard and my mini whiteboard are. I sit trembling with cold each time the door opens, and I can't imagine how cold my students are.

So, with this in mind, I decided to change the orientation of my teaching space. It's still at the front, where my Smartboard is, but now we are no longer huddled around a frequently opening door, but snuggled in near my teacher's desk. Not 100% perfect, but it should get us through the rest of Winter.

My previous classroom set up is here: Classroom Photos: Start of the Year. You can see from those photos the glass door that is the antagonist in this post.

Here are my 're-arranged' photos:

The classroom space (complete with my handbag!)

Teaching space with Smartboard, mini whiteboard and my teacher's desk hidden behind.
The infamous door (with the birthday cake display).
I guess I'll just have to wait until we return to school to see how well this arrangement works. For now, I'm pretty happy with it. There's a few areas that would benefit from a bit of colour... that's something I can work on during this 2 week break.

I hope everyone enjoys their Winter break. Stay safe and warm. Until next time...