Mosaics Revisited

Last Wednesday, I went back to visit my old school. Tracey, my lovely ex-teaching partner and mosaic guru, invited me back to help teach some of the parents mosaicking techniques to create a mural for an outside planter box at the front of the school. We used pictures that the students created inspired by a beautiful Ngunnawal (local indigenous group) story. 

Here are some 'in progress' photos of three of the four panels we were working on. (I can't use some of my photos because they identify people.) 
There will eventually be twelve panels in all, telling the whole story around the planter box.

Before the evening started, I was taken to the wall where last year's mosaics were displayed. These mosaics were the ones that Tracey and I frantically finished in the last week of the year, and I unfortunately was not there when they were put up. Here's the original post about the mosaics.
Here are the pictures I quickly snapped while I was there.

Giant flowers, Toadstool House and the elf

The butterfly

The snail with more giant flowers (He's still my favourite!)

I was impressed with how fantastic the mosaics looked on the wall, as well as some of the little finishing touches on the paintings. It looks like the fantasy garden we envisioned last year!

This visit to my old school has re-inspired me to start my own mosaics at my new school. I'm thinking I'll start small, and work my way up to a larger project. Stay tuned for my first solo attempt at creating a mosaic with my students.


  1. They look great don't they Bec! Glad to finally get them on the wall. Painting the mural was loads of fun.

  2. Thanks so much for your help. It was great to work together again!

    1. I love how well you integrated the murals into the painting Trace!
      Thanks again for letting me share your creative process. You are an inspiration.


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