A brand new year!

On Monday 20th January 2014, I hauled myself into school at 8am to move my teaching resources from my old classroom (a Year 2 shared space with a huge wet area, courtyard access and huge windows) to this:

Large whiteboard and Smartboard

View from corridor

Back of the classroom with display boards and cupboards

My teacher desk (much smaller than my last one...)

View from my desk

View from back corner towards the corridor

View from the back of the room at the whiteboard, Smartboard and art cupboard

A bookcase (it's attached to the wall, so there it stays!)

These photos were obviously taken after I did several trips from my old room to the new one, so all my junk is everywhere. I'm going to need to make another visit in to unpack and tidy! It's obviously much smaller than my last teaching space, but I don't need to share this time.

I will post more photos once I have had a chance to make it my own (and put all my resources away). I have the tissue paper and wire to make pom poms like last year, plus I found these goodies for $2 each at a local discount store when I was shopping with some friends.

Honeycomb ball and decorative fan $2 each at Top Bargain

As you can see, I am going with the blue and yellow theme again, and I plan to re-use a lot of the things I had to decorate my last classroom (got to keep within a certain budget!). I also had a lot of things I couldn't display last year due to a lack of wall space. I have plenty now! 

I let blogging lapse a little towards the end of last year, mainly because I was busy with my trip to the U.S. for Thanksgiving, then back to school for a whirlwind 1 1/2 weeks before the end of school for 2013. 

Unfortunately for me, one of my teaching partners won a promotion at another school, so we had to say a sad farewell to him. Fortunately, my other teaching partner, Mark, is going to be teaching with me this year. I can only imagine what he'll have to do to put up with me for another year! On the last day of school, we took a few photos to remind ourselves of the crazy times we had as the awesome Year 2 team. I love Google + and the way it makes a sequence of photos into a Harry Potter style moving photo. We had too many fun moments to count, and I'm going to miss Ryan when he goes to his new school.

The Awesome Year 2 Team, 2013
Mark, Bec and Ryan
Thanks to Maggie for taking these photos, and for putting up with how crazy we were being. You are such a trooper!

I will be posting a few more photos once my new room is beautified and Becified!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi there...
    I stumbled upon your site whilst looking for a poem by Max Fatchen that my 10 year old girl is reading at the local Feis Maitiu. I like what I see and will visit again.

    Greetings from Ireland...check out my ramblings on endofera.wordpress.com

    1. Hi!
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I will pop over and visit your blog. Thanks!


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