We're going to have a BRIGHT year!

I can hardly believe that we've been at school for 6 weeks now! It seems like I wrote about the start of the school year only yesterday.

As I'm playing a bit of catch-up, I'll share a little gift I gave my students during the first week of school. (I'm sure I'll catch up all the other posts I had planned later...)

I popped on to the computer to check out Pinterest, as I always do when I'm looking for cool ideas and found this:

Back to school gifts with glow sticks - "We're going to have a bright year!"

and this:

Back to school :)

As I absolutely love stars, I fell in love with both ideas at once. I chose to go with the second version, as it seemed the simpler idea (but still effective!)

I quickly opened up Microsoft Word and found a star shape. After adding the appropriate text, and playing with the font I ended up with this:

We're going to have a BRIGHT year in 4H!

I got a packet of 50 glow sticks from The Reject Shop for $2 and printed off the stars. It took a little while to cut all the stars out, and I was glad I only have 23 students this year! After putting two holes into the star with my hole punch, the glow sticks just slid right in! I was so happy with the results, and my students seemed to love them too!

I have edited the template to be suitable for any class, grade or year level and have left a space for you to sign your name. You can get the template here.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you are as inspired by Pinterest as I am!

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