How to celebrate the end of Term 1

Tomorrow is the last day of Term 1 and it's cause to celebrate! My Year 4 students have managed to survive their kooky teacher for a whole term. Well done!

My whole class behaviour management strategy this term was based on Mr Potato Head. This is he, in all his glory:

4H's Mr Potato Head

My students had to earn each part of Mr Potato Head through this term. There are 2 arms, 2 ears, a hat, nose, moustache, tongue, eyes and glasses adding to a total of 10 parts. As we had 10 weeks this term, I thought that an average of 1 part a week was achievable. Luckily for my students, it was! Our reward for earning all the potato parts is a movie afternoon with popcorn. I'll give my class a choice of the G rated movies I have (because we like choices!).

The other thing I like to do is give my students a little Easter gift. It's generally something small, like a small Easter egg, a fluffy chick and a novelty eraser. This year I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found this pin. I followed it further to get to this lovely blog with free Easter printables. It always amazes me how generous people are with things they have made, sharing them so freely! (Which is the whole reason I started blogging in the first place - to share my ideas and resources.)

Here's how my Pet Easter Bunny project turned out:

Pet Easter Bunnies

Aren't they just adorable with those huge eyes?? Here's a shot of the back of a bunny (so you can see how they are able to stay upright!)

Back of a bunny - resting on his cotton tail!

Bunnies tucked away in a basket for school tomorrow

Please go to for the full instructions, plus the free download. My version is a little simpler than the one Erin describes, as I glue the head, feet and tail directly to the Easter egg. Both ways are completely adorable!

I hope you all have a great end to Term 1 and have a relaxing break. 
That's all for now,