Adjective Frenzy!

This term's writing focus in English has been narrative. In order to create interesting stories, we have been working on adjectives. In 4H, we've been swept up in an adjective frenzy!
To start us off, we brainstormed adjectives to describe character traits. Here's the poster (and Pin) that inspired us:

character traits
Character Traits Poster (inspiration)

Here's our version:

4H Character Traits brainstorm.

We tried to colour code our words, but there's a few in there that were written in the wrong colour. (Which is probably a case of Mrs Hadfield getting distracted... I'm easily distracted...)

Using Wordle, we created 'word clouds' of adjectives (and some nouns) all about ourselves. We took our character traits poster into the computer lab to support us with this task. It was interesting, as we hadn't tried Wordle before. Some of us found it challenging to create our Wordles, as there was a lot of typing involved. Once I showed them how to copy and paste text, we were off and running again.
Here are a few of our Wordles, photocopied onto coloured paper (as we weren't able to print them in colour). These have been placed in their student portfolios.

An interesting social experiment followed the creation of our Wordles. I printed each student a piece of paper with their name. They were encouraged to decorate their name, then we each got a coloured pencil or texta and walked around the room writing positive character traits on each other's piece of paper. Some students were very easy to write about, some required a little extra contemplation. Everyone ended up with a page full of positive thoughts from their peers. Here are a few of the finished examples:

Our positive character traits from others

This is a close up of mine. There are some spelling mistakes, but most of the class were using the character traits poster to help them with their spelling.

My positive character traits

It was really nice to read what the students thought of me, plus it was a good social experiment to see which students a) found the task difficult and b) didn't have as many things written about them. We are going to continue to work on developing our social skills and group mentality next term. (As an aside, I read this article on bullying a couple of days ago and it really resonated with me. I'm going to start doing this!)

We then used the character traits to describe characters from our novel. We are studying Roald Dahl's Matilda, one of my all time favourite novels. The characters we looked at were: Matilda, Mr Wormwood, Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull. Not only did we describe their character traits, we used evidence from the novel to prove it!
Here are the worksheets we used to organise our thoughts:

As it's the last week of term, I thought we could finish up our Adjective Frenzy with an activity I did with my Year 2 students last year. 

I love the inspiration picture for this activity, as it goes through the adjectives that can be used for each letter of the alphabet. 
Not to forget, in this Adjective Frenzy, the reason why were were looking at interesting words, here is an online activity that supports students in choosing words to enhance their story writing. It's called Super Stories: The Abandoned House. The premise is that you are an editor who is proof-reading some rather dull stories. You need to read through the story, then you go back through and change the dull words for more interesting ones. Finally, you get to choose the illustration that best suits the text. This will be helpful for my students, as we are in the final stages of creating a picture book story. We had a chance to have a go at this activity in the computer lab on Wednesday.

I hope these ideas inspire you into your own Adjective Frenzy! Please share your own adjective lessons, activities and inspirations below in the comments.
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