Have you discovered Wonderopolis?

Throughout this year, I have been visiting a website called 'Wonderopolis'. It is an excellent resource for all primary school levels and I just love that it answers questions that children have posed.

This is one that I used this year with my Year 4 class while we were investigating health and hygiene practices.

Wonderopolis: Why do you need to wash your hands?

All the Wonderopolis topics are posed as questions and have a video or photos, text answering the question (which can be listened to if required) as well as 'wonder words' related to the topic and activity suggestions. 

I have often used the site as a springboard into a topic or to promote further questioning. As an adult, you can subscribe to their email list to get each new 'wonder of the day' in your inbox. I use this as a way of matching the new wonders to what we are learning. You can also search the wonders to find one that suits your purpose.

Students can ask their questions by clicking on 'what are you wondering?' link, and vote for wonders that others have asked in order for them to be answered.

I have found this to be a great resource that is pitched at the correct level and allows for all students to access and understand the world around us. I hope you enjoy exploring the wonders of WONDEROPOLIS!

Thanks for visiting!

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