Teach Tech Play 2017 Recap

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I haven't posted on this blog since 13 December 2015. I lost my confidence in MY teaching. I felt like what I was doing in the classroom was just keeping my head above water. So I stopped sharing my ideas and thoughts.

On April 3-4, I attended the Teach Tech Play conference at Ivanhoe Grammar School in Melbourne. After 2 days of professional learning, my mind was buzzing! 

...and I got my teaching mojo back! 

Teach Tech Play 2017 Conference Recap

I missed the opportunity to attend the 2016 conference, so when it was announced that there would be a 2017 conference, I jumped to it! 

This is a one page overview that I created from my notes to share with my colleagues at my school. It's full of links to the people and sites that I learnt about. 

Click on the image to get a larger view

These are the notes I frantically scribbled down as I was listening to keynote speakers, and presenters during the sessions.

Notes (Page 1) from #TTPlay 2017
Notes (Page 2) from #TTPlay 2017

I tried to cram as much as I could into my notes during each session. Some sessions were really hands-on, so I couldn't write as much.

The NoTosh Curriculum Kitchen was a fun and engaging session, combining collaboration with creativity. We used these 'ingredients' to create a structure for lesson design and delivery. 

The ingredients - NoTosh Kitchen

The meal - NoTosh Kitchen

I also checked out 3D Printing. There were several printers situated throughout the conference, set up so participants could have a go at printing something. It took a while, but I managed to squeeze in a small print job - a pencil holder like the one pictured below. I needed a bit of help to make my print job manageable (it was originally going to take 4 hours to print!), so a HUGE thank you goes to Chris Ly, the 3D Printing Guy. He reduced the design of the pencil holder to hold 12 pencils, and the print time to 2 hours.

3D printed objects

3D Printer

If you look carefully at my notes, you may notice that a lot of the sessions I attended were presented by Matt Miller. I'll admit, I really enjoyed listening to him, and if a session I wanted to go to was full, I'd find another of Matt's sessions to attend. I also grabbed a copy of his book, Ditch that Textbook, which he autographed for me!

Matt Miller co-hosts a podcast called The Google Teacher Tribe alongside Kasey Bell. I have loved listening to Matt and Kasey, their podcast is informative and hilarious. They have even inadvertently coined a new hashtag #superexcited, and I am super excited to hear more of their podcasts. The final episode so far, Staying Productive with Google Chrome, was recorded just after Matt Miller got back from the #TTPlay conference!

I learnt so much from my time at Teach Tech Play, I am still trying to process it all. Hopefully, you might get something out of my notes that you want to try out!

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  1. So glad that you are sharing again Bec! Have a great 2017, can't wait for your next post 😊

    1. Thanks April! I hope you are well and enjoying teaching.


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