Hallway of Happiness

Hallway of Happiness
I am very lucky to work with colleagues who are amazingly supportive.

This is the Hallway.

It's the Year 3/4 corridor in my school, and it has 5 of the most incredible, inspiring and innovative teachers I have worked with. Here's a sneak peek into our corridor and the people who work here.

As a typical Aussie, I rarely refer to my friends or colleagues by their proper names, instead, they all have shortened versions. I also rarely acknowledge when people call me by my full name, but that's mostly because I don't think of myself as a Rebecca.

Year 3

Outside my classroom
This is my team. I moved from Year 4 to Year 3 this year.

This is my hallway display. A variety of symmetrical artworks, incorporating Art, Maths and ICT.


Outside Rach's classroom
Rach is new to the Year 3 team, as I am. She's come from another school in our system, and has a wealth of knowledge, specifically in visible learning and 'I can' statements. I love her organisation and the way she shares all her resources and thoughts so readily, but my favourite aspect of Rach is her wickedly naughty sense of humour. Dan and I quickly learnt that Rach can take a joke, and that makes her fit in beautifully!


Outside Dan's classroom
For the last few years, I taught across the corridor from Dan. This proximity made me appreciate her hard-working, no nonsense approach to teaching and to life in general. She is the most capable, incredible person, who inspires me to work harder and reach for greatness daily. Dan has more compassion in her little finger than most people have in their entire bodies! She paid me the most heartwarming compliment last year when she requested that I move from the Year 4 team to work with her. It's a great feeling to know that someone you admire and respect wants you on their team!

Year 4

Two of these teachers were my team last year. Through thick and thin these two supported me. I can't thank them enough.


Outside Jules' classroom
Never underestimate the worth of a good teaching partner. Jules has been that to me, and more. She is dedicated and passionate, someone who will stand up for her beliefs, and will actively advocate for those who need it. Jules will probably never know how much I rely on her, for her complete honesty and ability to make me laugh when I need it. And for gigantic hugs when a laugh just won't cut it.


Outside Ry's classroom
Ry is the poor, unlucky sod that has had the misfortune to have taught with me since just after I arrived at the school. Fortunately for me, he has weathered it well and continues to share his creativity and innovation in ICT so I can improve my own skills. I have learnt so much from Ry, and hopefully will continue to for a long time. He is quite possibly one of the hardest working and dedicated teachers I have ever come across. Something to live up to!


Outside Nik's classroom
Nik is also new to the school, taking over my old spot in Year 4. She has made my old room look incredible, and I love how I can chat to her about all sorts of things like LEGO and Star Wars. Like Rach, she also brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous school and is proactive and so generous in sharing resources.

The best part about working in the 3/4 corridor is that you know someone has your back. We aren't ALWAYS happy, but the happiness comes from working well in a collaborative and collegiate team who support and inspire you. When things go awry, we all know that there are 5 other people in the corridor who will help to pick up the pieces because they genuinely care.

Year 3 artworks/writing samples
A very wise person told me that sometimes you meet people who become part of your tribe. They are the teachers who support you on the lowest of days, when everything becomes so overwhelming that you consider quitting there and then. They are also the people who celebrate with you, on the days when you accomplish something seemingly unattainable. These are the people, who even when they move to other schools, who remain part of your tribe. They are your rock, your sail, your inspiration.

Thank you, Christina, my wise friend and also part of my tribe. You have helped me more than you can ever know.

As we say in the 3/4 corridor: Namaste Motherstickers!
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