Dream Jars - The BFG

This is my first freebie: a dream jar template to create your own BFG-inspired dreams. It has a 'label' for writing the dream and a space for an illustration. 

Here's the post about how I used the Dream Jars with my class.

Glow Sticks - We're going to have a BRIGHT year!

My second freebie is a template for a glow stick gift for your students at the start of the year. I have edited it so that it can be used for any class, with a space for you to sign your name. All you have to do is print it off, cut out the stars, write your name and slot in your glow sticks. 

Click on the picture to download the template

Treasure Island Maths

Here's a black line master (BLM) to support your mapping and coordinates work. This freebie has two versions, one with the Australian Curriculum outcome for Year 2, and one without.

Click on the picture to download the BLM

I've used this lesson with my Year 2 class. You can read more about it here.

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