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Happy Pi Day 2020!

Come to the nerd side. We have Pi!

My teaching partner, Kel, wore a t-shirt like this to celebrate!
Last Friday, Year 6 explored the goodness that is Pi Day! This year, Pi Day fell on a Saturday, so we had to preemptively celebrate one of the nerdiest days of the year. The Pi Day website has some resources that are helpful for your own Pi Day celebrations for 2021.

We watched this video.

I love how Visual Art and Mathematics go together so well, and this artwork is one that's quick and easy. It's called "Pi in the Skyline", and we challenge the students to create an interesting sky as a backdrop for our Pi skyline. This year's students did a great job!

First, using grid paper, students create a representation of the digits of Pi. We managed to fit these digits on our grid paper: 3.14159265358979323846264338. Once you've mapped them out, use a black marker or Sharpie to fill in the 'skyline'. When you're done, create your sky. We used coloured pencils this year. My teaching partner's class used chalk pastels. They all look fantastic!

...and we finished up with this video.

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